Hello April.

Hello April.

Hey fellow cheese lover friends,

Guess who's back? Back again? Tell a friend. (Please tell me you read that in your best Eminem voice! 😂) Anyway, we are home from vacay! We spent the week soaking up some sun, and toes in the sand. But, we are back and ready to make some more beautiful + yummy plates for you all! ♥ 


March flew by. It feels like I literally blinked and boom, hello April. But, we are so excited because spring here we come. Here in Kansas City the weather just can't decide what it wants to do (the usual...) but we are ready for some nice weather! 

I don't know about you but I'm ready to have the windows open, country music playing on Alexa, and some spring-cleaning. Speaking of spring-cleaning.... we have cleaned up our website! We hope the changes make it easier for you to browse and checkout! 🤟🏼

We aren't offering shipping options at this time. We have decided to focus on our local KC peeps, and with wedding season approaching, we want to ensure we don't get over scheduled. However, we do offer local KC pick up. You can pick up your order from my home in North KC. Or, we do offer home delivery for a fee. (The fee is based off your zip code and is calculated for you at checkout.) 

Mom and I were talking the other night about how we are truly living our dream. Years ago this was all a dream... a plan... but now here we are. This would be possible without the love + support from all of you- so thank you thank you! 

Oh, and we've got some very exciting news to share on our next post. So check back because we will be sharing all the cheese (haha!! 🤣😂) 





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