Let's get toasted. 🔥

Let's get toasted. 🔥

Hello my cheese loving friends.

How the heck are you? 

All good here. Staying busy making pretty food for you all. 

This past weekend, we had so much fun creating our first Smores Board! 

It has been so fun creating "themed" boards. When we first started Olive, I always envisioned our services being customizable. The thought of each board being unique really excites mom and I. We love the challenge, and geek out over styling food aesthetically. It is our jam! 

So keep the fun orders coming-we are loving it! 

Any weekend plans? I'm taking my kiddos back to my hometown for the weekend. I grew up in Warsaw, Mo- just about 2 hours from KC. We rented a cabin and are going to catch up with some family and friends. So, I'll be taking a break from Olive, but mom will still be in town to get your orders created. 😍

Whatever you are doing, I hope you get a chance to unwind and snack on something yummy. 


Thanks for stopping by. 

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