Meet Olive.

Meet Olive.

Hello my cheese loving friends. How the heck are you? Hope you are staying cool in this crazy heat wave in KC. This week, you can find me at home with the AC down super low, eating charcuterie spreads binge-watching Chopped. 🤣

Anyway, I'd love for you to meet Olive. 

She is our new pop-up cart. 

Isn't she cute? 

Total disclaimer, she isn't completed. We have so many things on the way to add to her including a beautiful display case, menu sign, drink station, and so much more. BUT, we wanted to get her out and decided to debut her at the I heart Indie Craft fair this past Sunday. 


We underestimated the heat, and have decided to keep events inside for a while. Although, we have a kick butt cooler that stays cold up to 5 days! Charcuterie just doesn't do so good in this heat! But, have an indoor pop up? We'd be there in a heart beat! 

Olive was an idea we have been tossing around for months! We knew we wanted a mobile cart of some sorts, and our dreams came to life this past weekend. 


We went with a modern clean vibe (which I love!), and decided to stain the top with All American stain. It went on a little darker than we planned but, still like the way it came out. 

Our plan is to create a "cafe" vibe. Possibly a place to even sit down and enjoy some cheese, more decor items, and much more. She has potential, for sure! 


We will for sure keep you posted on her progress! :) 

 My thoughts on sharing this post was of course to showcase Olive, and record the progress of our crazy ideas along the way. BUT, more importantly, I hope to inspire you. If you have a dream-maybe something just written down, sketched out, or maybe just even pinned on a Pinterest board. I encourage you to go for it! Just be all in and go for it. 

We had no idea how to make a freaking cart. 

There weren't any plans to follow. 

We shouldn't even be trusted with a power tool if I'm being honest. (Maybe mom, but for sure not me!) 

But, we went for it. We conned- I mean asked our tribe around us for help and made it happen. 

Ideas and dreams are worth going for. So, if you're looking for a sign to live out one of your "crazy" but totally awesome ideas-here it is my friend.

Anyways, be sure you are following us on Instagram and Facebook. We post upcoming pop-ups there. We hope you come out to one this summer and say hey to us (and Olive)!🤣

Have a kick butt week! Talk to you next time.



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