Pam Health Rehab Open House-Our biggest event yet!

Pam Health Rehab Open House-Our biggest event yet!

Hey there, my cheese loving friends! 

How the heck are you? 


All good here! Just coming off the craziest week we've had so far. My feet hurt, but man was it fun. 

We kicked off the crazy long weekend of charcuterie on Thursday with our biggest event yet!! 

We were invited to create 350 charcuterie cones for PAM Health Rehabilitation Hospital's open house on Thursday. 

We have been working with Rebecca and the PAM Health team the past few months and it was awesome seeing our ideas come all together finally! 

Their request was to have several walls with different cones in each. We were like heck yes, of course! 

It gave us a great excuse to create some more cone walls-now we have a total of 3! EEEK! ♥


Shoutout to Robert (my better half) for rocking out 2 more walls. 

A few trips to Sam's Club later and we were ready to make some cones!

Not pictured is our 1st Sam's trip.🤣

It was a 2 day prepping event for this bad boy. 

  • 60 lbs of grapes 
  • 120 meat skewers 
  • 120 pickle/olive skewers 
  • 120 olive/tomato skewers 
  • 120 Brownie/donut skewers 

We ended up making an all cheese cone, a charcuterie (meat+cheese) cone and then a sweet/dessert cone. It was really neat seeing the variety all set up and the guests all had really nice things to say! 


Sweet Cone- 


All cheese cone- 

Charcuterie Cone- 

All three :) 

The night was truly a blast-the staff we interacted with were all so fun. They made us feel so welcome that it didn't even feel like work at all. :) Love events like that. 

Oh, and did I mention we had to rent our first box truck for the event. You should have seen my mom driving it- we were laughing so hard!! 

Of course, we had to end the late night with some tacos. 


Still can't believe we get to do this! Creating beautiful food for people truly is a dream! 

Thank you PAM health team and everyone else who supports us. We truly appreciate it. 


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